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Liberty Street HomeManage 2018
Liberty Street HomeManage 2018 | File size: 184 MB

AssetManage Home Edition...this is my pick for your home inventory. software. se our new, integrated report designer to create and edit your own reports. Easily create reports with graphs, images, totals and more. Save and print the report, or export to one of many different formats, including PDF, HTML, Excel, RTF, XML, text and many more.

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HSK Weldassistant SMART Edition Multilingual
HSK Weldassistant SMART Edition Multilingual | File size: 244 MB

Generate, print and use a WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) in no time at all. Perform the associated welding cost calculation and welding cost optimisation. The result can be actioned in the daily routine immediately. Whether it's in the workshop, office or on building sites - weldassistant® can be used without any additional resources. You have a constant overview of you welders' qualifications and are able to initiate any necessary measures immediately.

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XnViewMP 0.93 Multilingual
XnViewMP 0.93 Multilingual | File size: 84 MB

XnView MP is an advanced version of Xn5View, which is a powerful and reliable multimedia viewer, manager and converter. It offers the same stylish and easy to use interface that makes it almost fun to rate, sort and catalog files while still being practical. The files are displayed in the central area of the main window and you are able to choose the type of view you want for them.

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TuneFab DVD Ripper 1.0.16
TuneFab DVD Ripper 1.0.16 | File size: 35.78 MB

Fed up with ordinary DVD Ripper? If yes, TuneFab DVD Ripper is your best option. TuneFab DVD Ripper enables you to convert all DVD movies to more than 300 formats such as MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc. and make them available on almost all devices, like Samsung Galaxy S9, iPhone X, One Plus 6 and so on.

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Elsten Software Bliss 20190131
Elsten Software Bliss 20190131 | File size: 68 MB

Album artwork downloaded, organized, automatically. bliss is a simple and accurate album artwork finder. Discover art for rare recordings. Free your art to view anywhere.

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Steganos Privacy Suite 20.0.7 Rev 12481 Multilingual
Steganos Privacy Suite 20.0.7 Rev 12481 Multilingual | File size: 61.7 MB

Steganos Privacy Suite 19 combines the award winning Steganos Security software products Steganos Safe and Steganos Password Manager with added features that are only available in the Privacy Suite. Users are able to encrypt sensitive data like business reports, TAN lists or holiday photos thanks to a clear and easy menu navigation - on the PC, in networks and in the cloud.

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AllMapSoft Offline Map Maker 7.94
AllMapSoft Offline Map Maker 7.94 | File size: 12.6 MB

Offline Map Maker is a tool that help you to get offline tile images from Google Maps, Yahoo maps, Bing maps and Openstreetmap. All downloaded offline images are saved on your disk. You can view downloaded offline map by Offline Map Viewer. And you can zoom out or zoom in the offline map, or output the offline map as a .BMP file with a world file xxx.bpw, and can output a xxx.map file for OziExplorer. If you want to make a offline map of your city by yourself, it is very useful for you.

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Steganos Privacy Suite 20.0.7 Rev 12481

Steganos Privacy Suite - программный пакет для полной защиты ваших данных на компьютере и в интернете, использующий методы криптографии и стеганографии (способ шифрования данных, который скрывает сам факт шифрования). Скачав приложение, вы получите возможность шифровать данные, сохраняя их на виртуальном зашифрованном диске (при этом шифрование информации происходит со скоростью ~1 Гб/сек).
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Timeless Deep Vol.7 (2019)

Исполнитель: Various Artists 
Название: Timeless Deep Vol.7
Лейбл: Groovematics
Жанр музыки: House, Deep House
Год релиза: 2019 
Количество треков: 25 
Формат | Битрейт: MP3 | 320 kpbs 
Продолжительность: 02:36:30 
Размер: 369 Mb

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Эдгар Уоллес - Мертвые глаза Лондона (Аудиокнига)

В Лондоне произошло странное убийство миллионера из Канады, и Инспектор Холт вынужден прервать свой отпуск, отказавшись от поездки в Монте-Карло. На работе его ожидает сюрприз – новая секретарша и «необычайно дельная особа».

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