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iDevice Manager Pro Edition Multilingual
Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 19.01 MB

The iDevice Manager is an extension of the free iDevice Manager 7.4 to backup of iPhone and iPad files on your Windows computer and to create new unlimited ringtones from MP3 files. Together with the free iManager App is it possible to upload address book contacts, photos and videos to the iPad and iPhone. You need only a license key to change the Free-Edition to the Pro-Edition. Buy the iDevice Manager Pro-Edition and break the chains of limitation. Do what you want and discover the internals of the iPhone und iPad!

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Plogue plug-ins Bundle 2019.1
File Size : 408.23 MB

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RF1 Systems Midi Tracker 1.6.2
File size: 0.8 MB

MIDI Tracker is music editor with ability to import and export songs to MIDI format, support of 128 instruments, assigning volume and tracks count, playing and editing from PC keyboard. With MIDI Tracker you can create any MIDI file in minutes.

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Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2018 v18.1.2052
x86,x64 | Language:Multilanguage | File Size: 3.05 GB

SCIA Engineer 18 moves the software to the next level in terms of usability, material design and interoperability. We have enhanced usability with streamlined basic operations and more automatic workflows, improved integration into BIM workflows with upgraded Revit and Tekla links and added new design capabilities for advanced materials and construction systems. The first of the SCIA Engineer 18 webinars will give you a brief overview of all the major improvements.

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VovSoft Vov Syslog Server 2.1
File size: 6.6 MB

Network devices send syslog messages about any number of events. These can be informational messages, such as user login events, or they can be critical messages, like a failure. By using Vov Syslog Server, you can view and archive syslog messages in real-time. Once launched, the application is ready to start monitoring messages coming to your computer. The program automatically reads necessary info.

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Plugin Alliance AAX Bundle 2019 FSA
File Size : 633 MB

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VeryPDF Advanced PDF Page Cut 2.0
File size: 20.1 MB

VeryPDF Advanced PDF Page Cut is specially developed to break PDF pages into small pieces. This application is not only able to cut different PDF pages with different ways, but also can apply current operations to specific pages. The application allows users to manually draw cut marks or generate a cut mark table according to needs. It is really a time-saving application when you need to break PDF pages.

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NCH DrawPad Pro 5.01 Beta
File size: 7.6 MB

DrawPad is an easy-to-use image composition and manipulation program, and an essential tool for all types of graphic design projects, including:

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Accusonus ERA Bundle Pro v3.0.0.1
File Size : 69 MB

As a professional in post and music production, you deal with impossible deadlines. Opening another application and dialing in obscure algorithm parameters is just not an option. Meet the ERA Bundle Pro: Multi-patented next-generation audio repair that offers both fast and high-quality processing. Your workflow deserves an upgrade.

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Accusonus Beatformer v1.2.1
File Size : 23.2 MB

Effortlessly shape the sound of your beats with 4 intuitive controls: Boom, Punch, Squash and Air. Blend analog-style processing with modern digital technology. Transparently fine tune or fully transform your beats with the turn of a simple dial.

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