Learn Software Architecture In-depth and Start Architecting
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Learn Software Architecture In-depth and Start Architecting
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Software architecture is a broad subject and there are various aspects to it.

Move into a career in software architecture

Become a better architect

Appreciate the different types of architectures in your organization

Capture software architecture requirements effectively

Create effective architecture for your software system

Differentiate good architecture from an ineffective architecture

Document software architectures using 5 significant perspectives

Effectively communicate software architecture to stakeholders

Perform architecture work in agile or iterative software lifecycles

Select and apply appropriate architectural styles and architectural patterns

Apply microservices architectural style

Apply serverless computing architecture pattern

Apply containerization architecture pattern

Apply well-known architecture tactics

Differentiate between software architecture and software design

Apply the right architecture tactics for the right requirement pattern

Familiarity with Information Technology (IT) systems

Interest to learn software architecture

To be effective as a software architect you need good all-round grip on the subject. This course will help you learn software architecture comprehensively starting from the basics all the way to its science, so that you can confidently apply the techniques to create your architectures.

Learn and Master Software Architecture in this Comprehensive Course

Learn Significant Architecture Perspectives: Functional Architecture, Logical Architecture, Technical Architecture, Physical Architecture, Implementation Architecture

Differentiate Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, and Software Architecture

Capture Architecture Attributes, Architecture Requirements, Architecture Scenarios

Learn Architectural Styles, Architectural Patterns, Architecture Principles, Standards

Learn Microservices, Containers, Serverless Computing

Apply Architecture Tactics

Differentiate Software Design and Software Architecture

Must-have Knowledge of Software Architecture

Well-known software systems you have come across or used, have effective software architectures underlying them. It is software architecture that primarily enables the software to achieve its expected qualities such as usability, reliability, performance, scalability, and security. Addressing software architecture holistically from concepts, methods, principles, all the way to human aspects is important to help you acquire the knowledge more effectively.

Solid knowledge of software architecture is must-have for you if you want to build your career as an architect in the IT industry. There is good demand for knowledgeable software architects, and even if you are not playing the architect role now, knowing software architecture will make it easier for you to understand the software system well to effectively work on it at various levels.

Contents and Overview

How do I become an outstanding software architect? What is the importance of architecture while working with software systems? How do I capture architecture requirements for my software system? What are the different levels of architecture that I might work with? How do I arrive at architectural decisions? How do I appreciate the software architecture of a system?

You can get answers to your above questions and more in this course.

We have designed this comprehensive course on software architecture to be easily understood by people at all experience levels. This course contains 38 lectures and over 7 hours of content which you can follow at your own pace to master the subject of software architecture. To ensure your top-class learning, this course has been prepared and delivered by practicing architects, each with over 15 years of architecting experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry.

For your smooth convenient learning, we have logically broken this course down into 10 sections and each section closes with a quiz helping you refresh your learning. You will learn both the theory and practical aspects of software architecture.

The lectures of this course are in the voice of Sensei Technologies team member based in India and the accent of the voice is largely Indian English. However, to make it easier for you to follow the voice narration in the lectures, we have enabled captions (sub-titles) (English only) on all the lectures in this course. To see the captions, while going through any lecture in this course, please click on the "CC" button on the bottom right of the lecture screen and select "English US". Captions (sub-titles) will be helpful to you - please use this feature.

In this course, you will start with learning the basic concepts of architecture.

You will then learn, using the approach of architecture scenarios involving architecture attributes, how to capture architecture requirements. You will see examples of architecture scenarios.

After that, you will learn all the significant architecture perspectives used to create and completely document software architecture. You will see examples of representations of software architecture based on these significant architecture perspectives.

You will then learn the different techniques used in coming up with the software architecture, addressing the different significant perspectives of functional architecture, logical architecture, technical architecture, physical architecture, and implementation architecture. The course will take you through architecture styles, architecture patterns, architecture principles, standards, and architecture tactics, all of which are used in arriving at your architecture. You will learn learn microservices architectural style, and serverless computing and containerization architecture patterns, explained with examples.

You will, appreciate the idea of abstraction and abstraction levels, differentiate the different architectures in your enterprise such as enterprise architecture, solution architecture, and software architecture, and also be able to link them.

After that, you will learn the full architecture process and the steps followed in it, and how to adapt the architecture process depending on the software development life-cycle processes such as agile, iterative.

And, finally, you will understand the architect role in detail with the recommended skills.

By the end of this course, you will have valuable knowledge and skills, to create effective architectures for your software systems, and to understand the architectures of existing software systems and improve those architectures in a short period of .

This course is for you if you want to learn Software Architecture in detail or if you want to refresh your knowledge of Software Architecture

This course is probably not for you if you are looking to learn how to do programming to implement a software system given a software architecture



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