Positive Home Solutions - Woodworking Vol. 1
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Positive Home Solutions - Woodworking Vol. 1
DVD5, VOB | Video: 720x480 | Audio: AC3, 192kbit , 2ch | Duration: 2 hours | Language: English | 3.4 GB
Keep your home in tip-top form with the knowledge gained from the Positive Home Solutions Series!

Complete and accurate how-to information to assist the average homeowner to successsfully undertake the described projects, with the fewest mistakes and the highest level of quality work. Projects include building cabinets, tables and bookshelves.

This DVD shows you the correct way to build beautiful wood furniture in your own workshop. Everyone enjoys the look and feel of fine wood furniture and the warmth and elegance that can greatly engance every home. This program will take you through step-by-step, from initial planning to the finished product. Besides the items presented, this DVD gives you the basics that can be applied to other items you may want to build. As you build these projects, remember that every new skill and technique you learn can be carried over into other projects.

- Step by step instructions and practical shortcuts.

- Printable instructions using your DVD-ROM equipped PC.

- Topics chaptered for easy access to facilitate viewing of desired snt.



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