10 Bachata Moves to Make You Shine on the Dance Floor
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10 Bachata Moves to Make You Shine on the Dance Floor
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Basic Steps: in case you are a bner you can learn from this video all the steps and turns you need to know in order to be able to go to the next videos.

What you'll learn

Learn 10 Bachata Moves On Count and Music

Leader Part Explained

Follower Part Explained


Enough Space to Practice the Moves Explained


This course has 3 important sections:

Improver to Intermediate: 10 Moves that grow in intensity each you will do another one, they are explained on the count for men and for ladies and presented on music.

The challenge: is the most intense move from this course, practice slowly and give it to perfect it.

BONUS: funny moments from filming to see that everyone can do a mistake so don't be to tough on yourself.

Have fun with these moves and please ask us if you have anything that you don't understand.

Who this course is for:

Bachata Dancers that know at least the Basic Steps and Turns



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