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Павел Петкевич. Пангея

История о том. как лишь один поворот судьбы может изменить жизнь,
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Linux Tips Weekly (Update 30/06/2019)
Linux Tips Weekly (Update 30/06/2019) | 1.06GB

Linux is the operating system of choice for enterprises that need a stable, agile, and open-source platform, and it's only getting more popular. Qualified system administrators are in demand. If you've been anticipating a transition to Linux for your company or your career, or thinking about using Linux at home, this series presents a great opportunity to explore it
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Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development
Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development | 1.29GB

In this Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development training course, expert author Philip Polstra will teach you about common software vulnerabilities and how to find them, as well as how the vulnerabilities differ between various operating systems. This course is designed for beginners who are looking to get started in security, penetration testing, and reverse engineering.
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Безбашенный. Не римская Испания. Арбалетчики князя Всеслава

Из октября 2012 года в окрестностях испанского Кадиса шесть наших современников –
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Motion Graphic Workshop : Full Project
Motion Graphic Workshop : Full Project | 1.65GB

This motion graphic workshop Is a full workshop that teaches you motion graphics from the beginning to the end. we will start from scratch and teach you how to create and draw your design using the Adobe Illustrator software in a step by step manner and how to organize your project and add it to the After Effects software to animate it in an easy and simple way while explaining some of the animating basics to use them to create your own designs.
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Unreal Engine Global Illuminations For Architectural Visualization
Unreal Engine Global Illumination For Architectural Visualization | 1.31GB

Anyone who uses Unreal Engine for real-time visualization knows how important good lighting is to your presentation. Global Illumination is the best way to simulate how light behaves in the real world. In this course, Brian Bradley shows key settings and best practices for architects, designers, and artists looking to incorporate the Lightmass Global Illumination (GI) solver into their visualization process.
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BIM Tools Weekly (Updated 29/06/2019)
BIM Tools Weekly (Updated 29/06/2019) | 1.77GB

If you're in architecture, engineering, or construction, you need to stay on top of the BIM technology. Join Eric Wing each Tuesday for a review of the latest tools and design trends. Each week he tackles a different application or workflow to streamline modeling, rendering, and collaboration. Learn what's new in the 2018 versions of Revit and Navisworks, find out how to smooth BIM roadblocks and roll out BIM training, and discover the best collaboration tools for working with multiple partners and firms.
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MZed - Directing Color
MZed - Directing Color | 2.71GB

In Directing Color, filmmaker, editor and colorist Ollie Kenchington explores how visual language cues, color theory and even color grading techniques can be used throughout the filmmaking process to not just create a "look" but to enhance storytelling. He challenges directors, cinematographers and filmmakers to think of color first rather than the more common approach of leaving color considerations until post-production.
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CCNA Security - 7 Days till your Cisco 210-260 exam - Labs
CCNA Security - 7 Days till your Cisco 210-260 exam Labs | 505MB

It is not enough to go through videos to pass the CCNA Security exam (210-260 IINS). Do you think you're ready for this challenge? Maybe you need to focus on labs and go through all the main topics in a few days? You've come to the right place. This course is perfect if you are familiar with CCNA Security topics and you are looking for a supplement to book and video courses. Here you'll find 7 big labs for 7 days plus exam tips. What's more: when things go wrong - I keep recording. Learn how to troubleshoot network security issues. This is great for Network Engineers looking for real world scenarios and tips as well.
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Complete Professional Shopify Stores Development Training
Complete Professional Shopify Store Development Training | 1.15GB

In This Course of "Complete Professional Shopify Store Development", you will be able to start Building your E Commerce website in a couple of hours professionally. You can start FREELANCING using Shopify Store development. We will cover all of main topics for Shopify Store Development from start to end to allow you to get the professional knowledge in Shopify store development.
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