Java: 24 Hours to Java - Java for Beginners with Step by Step Hands-on Coding Projects and Examples
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Java: 24 Hours to Java - Java for Beginners with Step by Step Hands-on Coding Projects and Examples
English | 2019 | ASIN: B07T3BK981 | 74 Pages | PDF/EPUB/AZW3/MOBi | 2.33 MB

Java can be used to create just about any kind of programming project you can imagine.

When you understand how to program in Java, you unlock a world of computing power and possibilities. Get the most out of Java simply by following the easy coding examples and projects fully explained inside this guide. It doesn't matter if you have never programmed anything before. This step-by-step guide gives you everything you need to know to do more with Java than you ever thought possible!

Fully up to date for 2019

Java has been around for a long , but has evolved over the years. Save yourself the headache and frustration of trying to use a guide that just isn't up to date anymore! Brand new and fully up to date, this guide shows you exactly what you need to do to start programming in Java today!

What is Java?

Starting with Java

Installing Java

Data Types and Variables in Java

Data Types

Primitive Data Types

Non - primitive Data Type

Using Data Types


Creating and assigning variables

How to name variables

Coding Java Expressions

Variables modified by code

Variables modified by user input

Conditional statements

"If" Statement (If - then - else)

Comparison Operators

Abbreviation of the "if" statement


Constructing a While Loop

While Loops without Comparison Operators

Compound conditions and Logical Operators

Making use of the Break and Continue functions in While Loops

Constructing a For Loop

Indexing for loops (Introducing the len function)

Object oriented programming

What is Object - Oriented Programming?

Why use Object - Oriented Programming?

Constructing Classes

Extending and Expanding Classes

Creating an Object Instance

Defining Objects upon creation

Collections File Handling

What is File Handling?

Learning Basic File Handling

And so much more!



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