The Pyrography, Woodcarving and Leather Crafting Beginners Guide with Exercises
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The Pyrography, Woodcarving and Leather Crafting Beginners Guide with Exercises
English | September 10, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08HV82YPN | 136 pages | AZW3 | 12 Mb

The essential craft book for all !

This is the ultimate pas book for folks of all ages and genders, which will keep you busy at any of the day. This book is a compilation of three of my books on crafting covering;

- Pyrography (Wood Burning)

- Woodcarving

- Leather Crafting

The crafts thoroughly explained in this book will go a long way in honing your crafting skills and take you away from that everyday routine while you spend quality in your workshop.

"The Pyrography, Woodcarving and Leather Crafting Bners Guide with Exercises" is packed full of invaluable lessons, hints and guides that will bring out the craftsman in you.

As well as helping you develop crafting skills, you will also learn the importance of patience, building a focused and mindful attitude that is devoid of disturbances that are all around us.

Are you a bit confused about how to go about starting your first project? With your tools on your workbench and this book in front of you, and your journey towards crafting that masterpiece will be the most fun trip you have ever embarked on.

With your aim to have a grasp on what pyrography, leather crafting and woodworking are all about, this book covers everything that you need to know and much more.

Within the pages of this amazing book, you will learn;

Simple practice projects with illustrations to develop your confidence levels

How to shade, write and apply outlines

Variety of woods, equipments, finishing and your work bench

Simply and thoroughly explained wood carving methods

Temperature settings in wood burning

Importance facts about leather

Knowing what type of burning nibs to use

Cutting and making patterns








How to source and care for leather


And so much more!



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