The Three-Box Solution Playbook: Tools and Tactics for Creating Your Company's Strategy (True EPUB)
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The Three-Box Solution Playbook: Tools and Tactics for Creating Your Company's Strategy (True EPUB)
English | 2020 | ISBN-13 : 978-1633698307 | 240 Pages | True EPUB | 16.07 MB

Since the book's publication, companies across the globe have used the three-box framework to great success.

A new, comprehensive playbook for innovation from the New York s bestselling author of Reverse Innovation, Vijay Govindarajan

In his sal book The Three-Box Solution, Vijay Govindarajan offered an amazingly simple and highly effective framework for leading innovation:

Execute the present core business at peak efficiency (Box 1)

Avoid the inhibiting traps of past success (Box 2)

Build a future day by day through breakthrough innovations (Box 3)

Now, along with Manish Tangri, a corporate dealmaker at Intel, Govindarajan goes deeper into the most crucial box of all: creating the future. Together they provide a repeatable process for companies to create new breakthroughs--from ideation through incubation to scaling.

Full of worksheets, exercises, tools, and examples, The Three-Box Solution Playbook is the guide you and your team need to drive innovation and growth--and continually revitalize your company.



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