Fundamentals of Electric Drives, 2nd Edition
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Fundamentals of Electric Drives, 2nd Edition
English | 2019 | ISBN-13 : 978-1689318693 | 364 Pages | True PDF | 17.45 MB

Master the basic topics and fundamental concepts underlying electric machines, power electronics, and electric drives with FUNDAMENTALS OF ELECTRIC DRIVES, 2nd Edition.

While other books on electric drives concentrate on converters and waveform analysis and ignore mechanical load dynamics or emphasize motor characteristics with little analysis of converters and controllers, this unique approach provides a complete overview of the subject at a level that�s ideal for full comprehension. You follow the analysis and design of a complete electric drive system with coverage of mechanical loads, motors, converters, sensing, and controllers. The author clearly presents drive applications to electric traction, robotics, and wind energy using real examples from industry throughout. With its practical content, this book even serves as a useful reference for professional electric drive eeers.



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