The Python Bible Volume 4: Machine Learning (Neural Networks, Tensorflow, Sklearn, SVM)
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The Python Bible Volume 4: Machine Learning (Neural Networks, Tensorflow, Sklearn, SVM)
English | 2019 | ASIN: B07VZW6KC6 | 58 Pages | PDF/EPUB/AZW3/MOBi | 3.17 MB

Machine Learning is probably the most important and fastest-growing industry in today's world.

It's a much hyped term and nowadays it can be found almost everywhere. In robots, video games, the stock market, home appliances and even in cars. The people who don't educate themselves on this matter will be overrun by the development instead of being a part of it.

In this fourth volume of The Python Bible, you will learn machine learning in Python from scratch. We will start with simple supervised learning algorithms like Regression and basic Classification. Also, we will learn about Support Vector Machines and Neural Networks. In the end, we will use Tensorflow to develop our own AI which recognizes handwritten digits.

After Reading This Book You Will Have The Following Skills:

Deep Understanding of Machine Learning

Applying Linear Regression to Basic Problems

Building Models for Classification of Complex Data

Implementing Support Vector Machines

Clustering Chaotic Data

Understanding and Building Neural Networks with Tensorflow

Building AI That Recognize Handwritten Digits

Master Machine Learning With Python!



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