Decadent Keto Desserts: Happy-Go Desserts to Enjoy While Still Keto Dieting
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Decadent Keto Desserts: Happy-Go Desserts to Enjoy While Still Keto Dieting
English | 2020 | ASIN : B08J7MCZ8D | 72 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 35.89 MB

Have you recently started the keto diet and getting bored already because you can't enjoy sweets anymore?

You are probably a more experienced keto dieter but still have struggles enjoying desserts without falling for the carbs?

I've got good news for you!

While the keto diet forbids consuming high carbs, with many desserts containing these carbs, there's a solution.

This cookbook, written with expert knowledge, shares thirty fantastic ways to make and enjoy keto desserts. The recipes take on regular dessert ideas that we love like cheesecakes and mousses and change them into keto-safe options.

The desserts are straightforward and easy to make while decadent to get you indulging in them like never before. Therefore, I encourage you not to stop the diet because you missed desserts earlier - this cookbook saves the situation.

If you like to explore the thirty ways to make and splurge on keto desserts, hit "Buy Now" to get yourself a copy of this book.



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