Vegan Baking Cookbook: Simple & Easy-to-Follow Recipe Collection that Taste Amazing & Offer Health Benefits to Boot!
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Vegan Baking Cookbook: Simple & Easy-to-Follow Recipe Collection that Taste Amazing & Offer Health Benefits to Boot!
English | 2020 | ASIN : B08J7YTHMW | 68 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 43.12 MB

We are going to explore the flavorful world of 'Whole Food Vegan Baking.

' Hopefully, you will decide to use my collection of vegan baking recipes as an introduction to a healthier lifestyle choice! I have tried many diets, as I started having major weight-gain at the age of 18 onward. It was a side effect of the anti-seizure medications that I was taking to help control my seizures, as I have epilepsy.

So, for many years I have genuinely struggled to keep my weight under control. I discovered the 'Whole Food, Plant-based Diet' when I was searching on Google one night. I started to research more into it and was more enchanted by the stories of others that had tried this diet. Many people had vowed how it completely changed their lives for the better! Now, I want to share with you, particular favourite vegan baking recipes that have helped me lead a healthier lifestyle. For me, eating healthier has led to fewer seizures in my life while enjoying some tasty, healthy vegan baked goods!

You do not have to be strictly on a vegan diet or on the whole-food, plant-based diet to experience and enjoy my collection of vegan baked recipes! My recipes are for all that are seeking to enjoy some healthy and flavorful sweet treats! I am sure that you will discover recipes within these pages that will suit your particular sweet tooth while offering health benefits at the same !



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