GIS Web Maps with HTML, JS, CSS, and off the shelf tools
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GIS Web Maps with HTML, JS, CSS, and off the shelf tools
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Essentials of web programming and creating online mapping applications
Although if you want to follow me: A computer (preferably a PC), notepad ++ or other software to write scripts, and an ArcGIS Developer account (free) if you want to follow along. Or you can watch.
There are several resources that can help you develop interactive online web maps. I will run through how to use these resources (both scripting and out of the box methods).
I will show how to create web maps/apps in an online environment and transition them from an off the shelf environment to a fully customizable one. It will give you all the necessary essentials to get started developing GIS web applications. This is targeted for those wanting to learn more about making maps online. Please refer to the overview video for further details.
Those wanting to learn website design and programming as it relates to maps



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