Asp.Net Core 3 Blazor The Complete Guide.
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Asp.Net Core 3 Blazor The Complete Guide.
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Created by: Haytham ben Sliman

Getting Started with the new Microsoft SPA Framework .

What you'll learn

After following this course you will be able to build an entire application using only .NET. So your application will be fully written in C#.


To Follow this course You have to be familiar with C# ,Razor and some jаvascript , also having some ideas about Angular concepts may be helpful.


Blazor is the new Microsoft Framework for Building Single Page Applications using only .NET and C# . With Blazor there is no need to use Java script code anymore But Only C# code From the back to the front End. Blazor is the new Microsoft Framework that brings .NET to the browser. If you have previous experience with any other jаvascript framework such as Angular or React you will find Blazor concepts easy to grasp.

Blazor is a new Technology and it is in preview for the being , and many updates will occur on it , and so is this course , it will be updated every new updates occurs on Blazor to keep you update to date with this new Microsoft technology.

Who this course is for:

This course is for Web developers who wants To do build Web applications from the Back to the FrontEnd using C#.



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