Integrating Google Cloud Platform Services
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Integrating Google Cloud Platform Services
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Cloud platforms are continuing to grow and evolve.

There was a when cloud platforms consisted of a few core services: virtual machines, blob storage, relational databases, etc. Cloud platforms are now much more complex, with services being built on top of other services. Kubernetes Ee, for example, runs on top of Compute Ee and integrates with the Container Registry, load balancers, and other services. With so many services of varying levels of complexity, it can be overwhelming to develop cloud-based solutions.

Throughout this course, we'll cover some of the topics that will help you to integrate your applications with Google Cloud Platform's compute services and REST API.

Implementing service discovery with Kubernetes Ee and Compute Ee

Configuring applications with instance metadata

Authenticating users with Identity Aware Proxy

Using the CLI and Cloud Shell

Integrating with the GCP API

Developers looking to integrate with GCP compute services

To get the most out of this course, you should already have some development experience and an understanding of Google Cloud Platform.



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