Google Search Console: How to use it to increase SEO traffic
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Google Search Console: How to use it to increase SEO traffic
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How Google Search Console can help you to increase your SEO traffic and that Google loves your site (Jun.


How to increase SEO traffic from Google without paying for expensive tools.

How to find promising keyword ideas to optimize your content

How to identify pages that need optimization.

How to discover pages that lost traffic and fid the responsible for the loss of traffic.

How to check for keyword cannibalization.

Tipps and tricks for all the reports and tools that will make your life easier.

Discover problems that prevents Google from crawling and indexing your pages. Even see the reasons!

Analyze the speed of your web-page using the newly released (May 2020) core web vitals

Basic knowledge and understanding of Search Ee Optimization

In this course, you'll learn how to use the features and reports in Google Search Console. By means of practical examples of a live website, you'll see how to use the data for search ee optimization and to be able to finally do SEO yourself - without needing to pay for additional SEO tools.

For example, you'll learn how to use the reports under „Performance" to:

Analyze, which pages are being displayed for which keywords in the SERPs

Identify pages, that you should optimize for more klicks

Find keyword ideas that you can use to get more impressions and more clicks.

Under „Indexing", you'll learn:

How to see which pages Google indexed, which pages Google excluded and how to fix indexing issues

How to remove pages from the Google index and the prerequisites so Google will actually remove a page

Which report categories you should regularly have a look at to avoid bad rankings.

You'll also learn:

How to analyze your website for user-friendliness on mobile devices, what's the most common issue and how to fix it

What the new core web vitals mean and how to identify, what you need to improve

How to analyze and improve your internal linking structure.

I've been using Search Console and the predecessor, the Google Webmaster Tools since they were launched. For my own websites, I use the Search Console daily to identify opportunities for SEO, find keywords to improve existing blog posts, to spot indexing problems, and to fix them. Because of that, I was able to achieve a +400% growth in terms of monthly clicks from the SERPs. A screenshot proving that claim is included in the 30+ pages course notes

Of course, you can use a paid tool for SEO, but why if you get important data from Search Console directly from Google for free.

Are you ready to improve your SEO? Let's go!

Everyone running a website, from Bloggers to Online-Stores



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