Excel Topic Series: AutoSum
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Excel Topic Series: AutoSum
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Learn AutoSum-including Average, Count, Minimum, and Maximum-along with Quick Analysis Totals.

Create totals (sums) quickly with Excel's AutoSum tool

Use Descriptive Statistics functions via AutoSum (COUNT, AVERAGE, MINIMUM, MAXIMUM)

Employ AutoSum across an entire range or region

Advanced Use of AutoSum within Tables

Basic Computer Use (Mouse, Keyboard, etc.)

Computer with Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS

Microsoft Excel licensed and installed

AutoSum is an often overlooked, or taken for granted, feature within Excel. While its true that AutoSum is incredibly simple to use, there is a lot to be learned from how AutoSum can create more than just sums (totals). Within Microsoft Excel, the AutoSum tool can also generate descriptive statistics functions: Average, Minimum, Maximum, and Count. AutoSum also provides a shortcut to the Insert Function dialog box, can be used within Tables, and can even be applied across entire ranges or regions all at once. After you learn AutoSum, you'll no longer be left manually adding, repeatedly setting up the Sum function, or relying heavily on AutoFill.

Take your knowledge of AutoSum, and all associated tooling, beyond the simple "click here, click there" training you received in school or from on-the-job (OTJ) training and join host Chase Raz on a deep dive into AutoSum within this episode of the Excel Topic Series, presented by A.B. Gamma Training.

In this episode of the Excel Topic Series presented by A.B. Gamma:

Learn to use one of Excel's most popular tools, AutoSum

Quickly generate sums, or totals, for ranges of data

Use AutoSum to generate averages, counts, minimums, and maximums

Calculate sums for multiple rows, columns, or both simultaneously

Use AutoSum with Tables and see the SUBTOTALS function in action

About the Excel Topic Series

The Excel Topic Series by A.B. Gamma Training is a multi-course training series that saves learning Excel in-depth. Instead of covering the three levels of Excel-basic, intermediate, and advanced-across multiple days and then being required to individually integrate that knowledge, the Excel Topic Series performs deep-dive analysis and exploration of one Microsoft Excel topic and its associated tooling. This method combines Bner, Intermediate, and Advanced training into one short-form, and topic-oriented, course.

About Unicorn Miracles

Unicorn what?! Unicorn Miracles is a fictitious business that A.B. Gamma Training and the Excel Topic Series utilize to increase course engagement, improve knowledge retention, and generate immediate application potential for each student. The business may sound whimsical, but it's based upon advanced education theory (pedagogy), psychology, and neuroscience to create a learning environment that is sufficiently captivating to inspire course completion and skill application. The fictitious business is scientifically eeered to increase brain plasticity and reduce apprehension for new topics or fear of breaking complex tools. It's designed to influence your hippocampus and amygdala, engage your limbic system (emotion and memory), and integrate the memory, processing, and action centers within your brain.

Bner Excel users

Self-taught Excel users seeking knowledge formalization

Those seeking Excel Certification

Excel users needing to advance their use of AutoSum



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