OSINT for hackers and penetration testers
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OSINT for hackers and penetration testers
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Windows, Linux, or OSX machine with admin rights to install software.

What you'll learn

In this course I will be teaching you OSINT techniques focused for hackers


You should have a machine with at least 8GB of memory and 40GB of free space if you wish to fillow along.


In this course we will be learning about OSINT (reconnaissance) focused for ethical hacking and penetration testing. Int his course we will be building a virtual machine, loading Kali Linux, and leveraging a number of web based tools in order to identify and track our targets. OSINT is a critical skill to understand for any hacker and pentester. As always if you have any questions or issues, always feel free to let me know before, during, and even after the course.

FYI, a rder: I not anyone that is a part of DGS has any affiliation with any of the vendors, software manufactures, or programmers in this course.

Who this course is for:

Ethical hackers, network professionals, people that want to learn ethical hacking



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