Learn casual British English: Slang, idioms and more!
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Learn casual British English: Slang, idioms and more!
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Students will become much more comfortable conversing with British people after understanding the fundamentals of our casual speech.

What you'll learn

Make friends and assimilate into British life much easier.


A basic knowledge and understanding of English is required (and a passion to learn native British English).


Welcome to Slanguagelearn! Casual British English made simple with phrases, idioms and unique vocabulary you will not find anywhere else.

When someone asks you if you can "lend them a quid?" or complains that it's "bloody raining cats and dogs" will you be able to respond? If you believe you'd be unsure on how to reply confidently this course is perfect for you!

This course will teach you the most common slang and idioms that British English speakers use every day. That's why we call it Slanguage!

Every phrase or idiom includes an in depth description with quality real life examples.

Who this course is for:

This course is perfect for intermediate level students who want to learn the REAL English REAL English people speak!



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