Cost Management: for PMP using examples from real projects
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Cost Management: for PMP using examples from real projects
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Students will learn how to do Cost Management, which is divided into how to plan, estimate and detee any cost budget, then how to control the cost during the execution of any project.

What you'll learn

This course is mainly done for people preparing for the PMP exam.

This Cost Management will be explained using a real life Project example showing all necessary steps you need to understand how to use any Cost Management example.


No prerequisites are required, because this course is explained in an easy way in order to fulfill any level.


This course explain the PMBOK chapter 7 for Cost Management using an easy managerial language that can be understood by all new students in management, and offer a wide variety of examples to explain the difficult definitions and terms.

This course contain also a real project case as an example, having activities linked in a full schedule, where each activity have its own planned cost resources, and planned duration. Then actual costs and earned values will be calculated when the project is progressing. This will make the students watching this course aware of the real implication of the cost management definition and formulas on real life projects.

Who this course is for:

Students seeking to pass the PMP exam

Professionals like Project Managers, Cost Controllers, Planners, and Eeers.



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