Python for Normal People: A practical guide for beginners
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Python for Normal People: A practical guide for beginners
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This course is a practical introduction to Python.

What you'll learn

Basic Python programming

Learn how to think like a programmer

Learn how to look up new coding concepts

Use Python for real-life situations


Computer (PC/ Mac)

Internet connection

We will go over Python installation in the first section


In this course, we will show you a quick way become a confident intermediate Python user.

In the section 1, you will learn a few basic Python commands. In the Section 2 to 4, you will solve real-life problems.

This course is not intended to be a comprehensive encyclopedia of Python universe. Rather, you will learn a few important concepts like loops and conditional statements, and get to practice them many s. You will be surprised how much you can do with a handful of Python commands.

By the end of this course, you will have learnt how to think like a programmer and how to find answers when you encounter a new programming tool or concept.

Who this course is for:

Python nevers - You've never coded before

Python refreshers - You know a little bit of Python but still don't know how to put it into practice



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