Devops Fundamentals- CI/CD with AWS +Docker+Ansible+Jenkins
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Devops Fundamentals- CI/CD with AWS +Docker+Ansible+Jenkins
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Lets get into Devops World from Scratch with real Hands On Projects to build Solutions for D through Jenkins with deploying Docker Containerized apps into AWS Linux Servers from Git hub.

What you'll learn

You will know how to Practically Implement Continuous Integration & Delivery for any Projects

Understand working with AWS Cloud Linux Servers from Scratch to Setup Deployment

Real hands on Deploying Apps into Dockerized Containers by setting up Dockers in AWS

Knowledge on Ansible tool to automate the Scripts/tasks in any Linux Servers

Ability to achieve Continuous Integration with Ansible + Docker + Jenkins + GIT

Git Web Hook Integration with Jenkins to achieve Continuous Integration Solution


None, Everything including Linux basics are taught from Scratch


We will also learn Automation tool called Ansible which will generate Scripts to automate the process of Deployment using Docker Containers in various machines.

This Course assumes that students do not have any prior knowledge on Devops tools and will start everything from Scratch including Linux Basic Commands.

By end of this course, You will get Practical Project experience in understanding how all the Devops tools connected together to build robust Automation Infrastructure.

Below are the topics on high level we will go over in this course :

What are Hosting Servers and Application Servers?

Demo to understand what Deployment is?

How code developed is hosted on the servers and accessed through browser?

Demo on Jenkins Job creation for deployment of app in Server.

Drawbacks with current design and why to choose Linux OS

Create and Launch AWS Linux Instance to manage Jenkins

Connect to Linux Server through SSH

Install JAVA on Linux Server

Install Jenkins, Maven and GIT to have job for Deployment

Create new Linux server (App Server) in AWS for Deploying App

Create User in Server which can manage deploy

Connect Jenkins server to App Server through SSH Plugin

Create a Jenkin Job which deploys app into App Server

Install Docker in App Server

Create a Docker file which Install TomCat Server and Deploy App

Create Image from the file and deploy into Container

Access the App through public Ip:port which is running on Container

Install Ansible and its need for Deployment

Create Ansible Playbook to automate all docker related commands

Fix the problems of stopping and starting containers through Ansible yml file

Create SSH Key and hosts file for establishing connection through Ansible

Pass the Ansible Playbook commands into Jenkins Job for automatic Deployment in App server

Create another Linux App Server B through AWS

Create User in Server which can manage deploy

Establish connection to App Server B from App server A through Ssh keys

Ping the App Server B from Server A through Ansible command for connection check

Develop a yml playbook file which pushes the docker image to Docker Hub in Server A

Modify the Jenkins job to deploy the App into Server B through Ansible Commands

Adding Post build action run automated tests after new Code successfully Deployed

What is Pipeline and understand the basics of Jenkin Pipeline

Creating the JenkinsFile with the complete job configuration design to run end to end deployment process

Checkin the JenkiFile into Code repo and automate the complete D process through Jenkins!!

Wish you all the Best and See you in the Course :)

Who this course is for:

Software Eeers

QA Eeers

Aspirants to shift career to Devops



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