Data Governance Fundamentals
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Data Governance Fundamentals
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What you'll learn

How to structure your data governance program

How to create a data governance program charter

How to implement a data governance program

How to measure the effectiveness of a data governance prrogram

How to maintain a data governance program


Business information systems recommended



Data is most likely your organization's most valuable asset. As such, it's not a bad idea to build up a process that ensures it's consistency as well as complies with local regulations surrounding it.

In this course, I'll walk you through a high-level overview of everything you need to know to implement a Data Governance program. Specifically, we'll cover:

How to structure your Data Governance program

How to implement your Data Governance program

How to develop your Data Governance Charter

The roles you'll need to identify and formalize

How to measure the return on your Data Governance program

How to review your Data Governance program and ensure it's reliability over

This course is particularly useful for business leaders that have had issues with data consistency or that need to comply with industry regulations and ensure the security of their customer's data.

As a 20yr veteran in the data space, I wish I would have had this when starting out but am happy to share my hard-fought lessons over the years. I'm sure you'll get value out of this and thanks to Udemy it will remain a resource for you to use for years to come.

Who this course is for:

Business leaders looking to improve the consistency of their data

Business leaders looking to ensure compliance with data regulations such as GDPR



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