Spring Security Master Class
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Spring Security Master Class
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Learn x.

What you'll learn

Understand how Spring Security fits into the Spring Ecosystem

Understand Security Concepts

Learn the Spring Security architecture

Learn how to implement Spring Security

Learn how to leverage Spring Boot test support including Junit 5, BDD, Mockito, MockMvc

Learn how to leverage Spring Security JUnit test support

Learn how to leverage various Authentication and Authorization features using Spring Security

Learn how to implement Jdbc-based authentication and authorization

Learn how to implement JPA-based authentication and authorization

Learn how to implement Document-based authentication and authorization with MongoDB

Learn Spring Security with a code-base that has been tested with 99% branch coverage

Learn how to use the remeber-me service

509 client certificates


Must be familiar with the Java programming language... a minimum of an intermediate level of core Java is ideal

Understanding of web applications is required

Intermediate Springframework experience

No Spring Security experience required

SQL experience helpful

JPA experience helpful

MongoDB / Document database experience helpful

JUnit experience helpful



This course is a deep-dive into the Spring Security project. In this course, we will learn how to identify security issues with our applications and how Spring Security can help solve those issues.

This application has extensive testing and extensive documentation so you will completely understand each security task in each section and why that task is being done as well as what side-effects might occur due to the changes we make.

We will take a very incremental approach to each and every section task, so you will build your deep knowledge of Security and the Spring Security module and by the end of this course, you will have a deep theoretical as well as hands-on practical knowledge of all of the Security topics covered in this course.

Course Outline:

By the end of the course you will:

Detail the topics of this course including:

Introduction to Application Security

Introduction to the Spring Ecosystem

Introduction to Spring Security

How to perform security-based tests in Spring

Testing support for Spring-based Applications

Customizing Authentication

Leverage JDBC for Authentication and Authorization

Leverage Spring-Data for Authentication and Authorization

Leverage MongoDB and Spring-Data for Authentication and Authorization

Course Overview:

Section 1: Introduction to this course

Section 2: Introduction To Security

Section 3: The Spring Ecosystem

Section 4: Getting Started with Spring Security

Section 5: Spring Security Testing

Section 6: Customizing Authentication

Section 7: Leveraging JDBC for Authentication and Authorization

Section 8: Leveraging JPA for Authentication and Authorization

Who this course is for:

Intermediate to Advanced Spring Developers

Spring developers interested in application security concepts

Spring developers interested in adding security configuration to Spring Boot applications



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