The Complete Logo Design Masterclass: Adobe Photoshop
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The Complete Logo Design Masterclass: Adobe Photoshop
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Let's Make Learning Photoshop Fun!

What you'll learn

Logo Creation

Project Based Photoshop Skills

Professional looking Logo Design

Creating different sized Photoshop Documents

Organize workspace layouts

Crop and resize images and icons

Adjust blending modes on Layers

Create and apply a variety of adjustments

Create and use layers

Modify and save selections

How to Mask easily

Mock up Samples of Your Work

Align Text

Import Icons and Shapes

Use the clone tool


Basic Computer Skills

Photoshop Installed on your computer


We have created an easy and fun, step-by-step practical approach to Photoshop you will find easy to follow and exciting!

This course is presented by one of our team members who is a Photoshop expert: Genevieve, she makes the learning process personable and easy.Hello and welcome to this course where I'm going to be showing you, bning to end, how to build 12 logos in Photoshop!

We have created an easy and fun, step-by-step practical approach to creating Logos you will find simple and exciting! This course is presented by one of our team members who is our Photoshop expert: Genevieve. She makes the learning process personable and easy to follow:

We'll start with learning the basics about Text Logos and Powerful Icons, how to incorporate existing icons into our work as well as using text and color to create our own. Then we'll dive into building a versatile Stamp or Emblem logo, a stock standard in Logo development. You can use this as a strong template to make substitutions and really make it your own.

I'll show you step-by-step how to craft a gorgeous Double Exposure logo out of just 2 items, taking the mystery away from the clone tool and blending modes.

We'll finish by creating 3 stunning Vintage-Style logos - logos that you'll see use very similar ideas but look vastly different, opening up a world of cool creative ideas and directions.

As beautiful and fancy as our designs are, none of this is complicated! I've designed this course carefully for bners to take in order so that we can build on our skills as we move through the projects together.

I know how overwhelming photoshop can feel when you're first getting started. My aim is to pass along the tools and confidence to try things on your own, encouraging you through super easy to follow tutorials. As we work, i'll point out tips and tricks that i've learned over the years to really make your workflow easy.

I've provided all the project files that I use so that you can build exactly what I'm creating, if you'd like to sub them out for your own icons and ideas, show me what you've made!

So if you'd like to dive right in and get started creating your first awesome looking logo, I'll see you on the inside!


Who this course is for:

Photoshop bners looking to create powerful logos

This course is perfect for students who are new to Photoshop or just bning the photoshop journey

Anyone who is looking to easily create a beautiful logo

Anyone who would love to learn Photoshop skills through practical application

There are so much information here that intermediate students will also learn from this course



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