Learn Data Analytics and Visualization with Tableau from A-Z
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Learn Data Analytics and Visualization with Tableau from A-Z
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Converting raw data to insightful diagrams and charts to make informative decisions is a crucial analytical skill in data science.

Learn Data Visualization and Analytics Using Tableau from the basic to advanced level using Real-Life Projects

Install and use Tableau version

Understand Data Visualization

Create different types of diagrams and charts, such as Maps, Barcharts and more

Learn all types of data joins and how to use them in your diagrams

Create calculated fields

Create dual Axis charts

Create and use Table Calculation in Tableau

Learn Data Preparation, such as: converting data types, split columns, converting measures to dimensions and more

Work with series data and understand granularity

Connect to varied formats of data sources like XLS, CSV, JSON and more

Deal with Geographical data and fix any issues with them

Use some analytical tools in Table like Clustering

Learn and use Data Blending in diagrams

Create filters to focus on specific parts of data in charts and diagrams

Create interactive dashboards and stories

Basic knowledge of using your computer operating system

You will find in this course all what you need to learn about creating powerful diagrams and practicing data analytics. First, you will learn about data visualization, installing Tableau and use main menus and functions. You will learn, also, how to connect to different data sources and formats and make the necessary data preparation to create diagrams and charts. After that, you will learn more advanced features, such as: data joins and blending, calculated fields, dual axis, table calculation and more. After completing this course you will be confidently add Tableau to the list of your analytical skills in the resume.

All who need to learn Data Visualization for business and researches



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