Linux Academy - Running Linux Servers on Azure
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Linux Academy - Running Linux Servers on Azure
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When we think of Microsoft, naturally we think of Windows, the Office Suite, tools like Visio or Project, and command utilities like PowerShell.

But did you know that over 50% of the virtual machines running on Azure are actually Linux? When you look at the performance statistics behind Linux systems and the potential cost savings, it's really no surprise.

In this course, we'll explore why Linux has segly taken over Microsoft's cloud platform and what you can expect when deploying and running Linux in your own environment. We'll start with the basics of deployments and the Linux distributions you can choose from and continue all the way through securing your instances and automating your deployments.

By the end of this course, you'll be comfortable planning, deploying, and maintaining Linux based virtual machines on Azure.

This course can be broken down into the following:

Why Linux is so popular and why you should try to use it in your own environment

Navigating supported Linux distributions and choosing the best one for your deployment

Securing your Linux systems using Identity Management, Network Security, and Encryption

Automating your deployments using both Azure and Linux Native tool sets

A quick note: While this course doesn't require you to be a Linux superhero, it is recommended that anyone taking this course have a basic familiarity with Linux administration and also have a basic foundation in Azure services.

See you in the course, Gurus!



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