Learn Magic and Mind Reading
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Learn Magic and Mind Reading
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Are You ready to learn the Art of Magic?

What you'll learn

Magic Tricks

Sleight of Hands

Mind Reading



Card Tricks

Coin Tricks

Magic with everyday objects

Basics of Magic


Interest in Magic

Deck of Cards


Regular everyday objects which will be easily available at home


Well, you have come to the right place. This course provides you all the basic knowledge and resources that you need to have to master this art. Imagine yourself being the star of the group. Imagine yourself doing something that looks segly Impossible. With a bit of dedication and practice, with everything provided in this course, you will always have something up your sleeve wherever you go.

This knowledge that you will gain from this course will also help you to build your personality and confidence. You will have the confidence to face a huge gathering and audience.

So Congratulation on taking the very first step to becoming an Illusionist. Practice well and it will surely reward you with all the appreciation and applause that You deserve. All the Best.

Who this course is for:

Anyone with interest in magic



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