Mastering python - From Scratch for 2020
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Mastering python - From Scratch for 2020
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Python is the fastest-growing programming language in the industry, and among the most popular programming languages in the world.

What you'll learn

Start from a complete bner to an expert python programmer

Learn how to work with threading, multiprocessing and Asyncio

Learn how to create GUI desktop applications with PySimpleGUI

Create a complete web application for managing a bookstore with Mongodb and publish it online

Learn Object oriented programming

Learn how to handle files and interact with file-system

Learn how to send email with python

Learn how to work with Mongodb in python

Learn how to create web applications

Create text to speech application

Create web monitoring application

Create system health application

Create backup application

Create full student course management system with Mongodb

Create desktop backup application that you can execute without python


A computer Windows, Linux or mac OS

No previous programming knowledge is needed

No previous python knowledge is required


It's not a hard language for bners to pick up and for intermediate or advanced programmers to advance, which is why the need to learn this language has increased exponentially over the past few years.

Mastering python - From Scratch for 2020 is designed as a journey that will take you from installing the programs to learning the fundamentals of python and gradually applying the most advanced techniques to develop some of the most advanced real-life applications.

Whether you are a bner with no knowledge in python or programming, or if you're an experienced programmer in a different programming language, or even if you're an experienced python programmer,

this course will give you the basics and move forward to the more challeg applications in Python to help you broaden your horizons in Python, or if you'd want to expand your career opportunities.

My name is Yasser Abbass. I'm a software eeer and I will be your instructor for this course

I have been in programming for the past 30 years and specifically in python for the past decade.

The course is divided into four sections, each including several lectures. with each lecture, you will find some exercises and each section has one or more projects that will make sure that you applied what you have learned. we will be building 3 projects with varying levels of difficulty.

Some of the projects we will be building together are:

- Text to Speech.

- Guessing Number project.

- Converter project.

- Web Monitoring.

- System Health.

- Backup Script project.

- A student course management system.

- A bookstore management system.

- A File backup program that will be converted to a desktop application.

- A full bookstore web app.

But don't worry you will be able to create those projects and more as you follow along with the course and with the skills you learned you will be able to apply it to your projects. You will also be able to all the source code for all the lectures and the projects.

During this course, you will learn:

- How to install the software on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

- An introduction to Jupiter-lab.

- Data types, Conditional logic, looping, and collections.

- Functions, modules, and built-in functions.

- How to handle files.

- How to interact with the file-system.

- Date-, web communication, exception handling, and JSON.

- How to send emails through python.

- Object-oriented programming.

- How to use MongoDB from python.

- How to create databases with full CRUD operations

- Advanced python built-in functions.

- Iterators generators and decorators.

- Logging.

- Concurrency, threading multiprocessing, and Asyncio.

- How to create a GUI for python with PySimpleGUI.

- How to create a desktop application with PyInstaller.

- How to create professional web apps with flask.

Finally, if you are stuck you can drop a question in the Q&A and me, or one of my teaching assistants will answer you promptly

Who this course is for:

Bner programmers who wants to master python

Programmers from other languages that want to start their python journey

Python programmers who want to learn new skills and master advanced python



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