PowerQuery M code language Part2
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PowerQuery M code language Part2
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You will learn about existing functions in powerquery - Real Project discussed.

What you'll learn

How to create own functions and why we want them in M code world- Basics to Advance using real based problems.

IF statements in detail from basic to advance. Like With single criteria to multiple criteria

How to tackle Errors in powerquery using try and catch method

Several projects which need great conceptual and analytical skills on the use of Table and List functions. Full on Fun.


You should be well aware of M code because this course is not for bners.

You may like to see part1 . This is a part2 in continuation to part1.


This course is in continuation to M code part 1 which was prepared by me before. Course will not benefit if you do not know M code before.

We are talking about inbuilt M functions which are very important in data development like related to dates, lists.

We are learning about user defined functions (UDFs). Why and how we can create our own M functions and achieve amazing results in seconds without doing too much work.

Discussion on IF functions is discussed in detail .

How we can handle the errors using try and catch.

Interesting projects are also shared for real experience.

Who this course is for:

M code programmers who want to know more in -depth about M code functions and Data management.



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