Getting started:Arduino Hardware For Beginners Step by Step
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Getting started:Arduino Hardware For Beginners Step by Step
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 13 lectures (1 hour, 14 mins) | Size: 413 MB

In this course, you find series of videos that covers an introduction to programming(python,,,,etc.

What you'll learn

what is Arduino

learn the components of the Arduino uno board(not for experts just for bners )

learn what is the micro-controller (not for experts just for bners )

Programming definition

Algorithms definition

modern programming

know the benefits of programming and the different fields of it


A Windows, Mac or Linux computer

An Arduino Uno


) and VERY SIMPLE explanation of Arduino hardware ,we are going to start learning Arduino from start so I aim through this course to explain Arduino from the concept of hardware

Arduino board It is an electronic card on which there is a microcontroller and it is the spirit of this card, and through, this control is programmed and interacts with the sensors which are connected, programmed and obtained from them on different values ​​and outline everything and define specific terms of your Design.

you must learn Arduino Hardware well if you want to create program controlled projects.

note -this course is for bner level so you must not expect so much .it is just an entry to the field to know the terms

you will see =

Section 1:Arduino-uno-components for absolute bners

Lecture 1:-what is arduino

Lecture 2:The Arduino Boards

Lecture 3:The micro-controller

Lecture 4:The extended Family

Lecture 5:The Arduino Components part 01

Lecture 6:Arduino-uno-components part2

Lecture 7:arduino family part1

Lecture 8:arduino family part2

Section 2:bonus videos -Arduino-Uno-components more detailed but not too much

Lecture 9:Arduino-uno-components part1

Lecture 10:The Arduino Components part 02

Section 3:introduction to programming- bonus videos -

Lecture 11:generalities about programming part 1

Lecture 12:generalities about programming part 2

resources =

SparkFun Electronics website

Who this course is for:

Bners in Arduino zero level

Bners in programming zero level



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