Udemy: Geometry Mastery
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Udemy: Geometry Mastery
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Very basic equation solving eg.

What you'll learn

Geometry Basics including Points, Lines, Angles

Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons, Circles

Approach Geometry in a unique manner using Graphical Division method

Understand interesting approaches in Geometry when Regular shapes are inscirbed in other shapes

Tometry basics, Coordinate Geometry and Solids (3D shapes)


Basic Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

if 3x + 10 = 100, then 3x =90 and you get x=30.


"the key to improved mental performance of almost any sort is the development of mental structures that make it possible to avoid the limitations of short-term memory and deal effectively with large amounts of information at once."

― Anders Ericsson, Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

The Goal of this course

Do you find it difficult to remember various theorems in Geometry ? Do you get a feeling of not being confident in Geomtery / not knowing how to really get a firm grip on Geometry? Are you facing difficulty in solving difficult geometry questions and feel that you need to strengthen your basics?

You have come to the right place. In this course on Geometry Mastery which is divided into 9 sections and comprises of 281 videos we aim at helping you become a Geometry Master ie. a person with well developed mental structures in Geometry.

Once you have gone through the course videos along with attempting 163+ Questions with detailed solutions provided, you will start developing a new love for Geometry. You will be able to remember what you learn for anything new in Geometry will be added to the rock solid foundation you will have built over here.

Topics Covered:

Geometry Basics


Polygons and Quadrilaterals

Graphical Division approach to Geometry

Shapes in Shapes



Coordinate Geometry



Good support in the Q&A section

Life access to the classes

Udemy Certificate of completion

Access these classes on the go on the Udemy mobile App

Enroll today!

Let's make your Geometry Goals True!

- Jackson

Who this course is for:

Students who want to learn Geometry in a Fun way

Anyone who finds Geometry difficult and wants to approach Geometry from a new angle and start enjoying Geometry

Students looking to build rock solid Geometry Foundation



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