DevOps Project: CICD with Git GitLab Jenkins and Laravel
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DevOps Project: CICD with Git GitLab Jenkins and Laravel
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How to set up a local DevOps Lab Environment.

What you'll learn

Think of a Virtual Private Network

How to Deploy Laravel Applications to Production

How Set up and Configure CICD Pipelines using Git, GitLab and Jenkins

How to work with Multiple Developers in the CICD Process


Interests in the Topic

Basic knowledge of Linux Commands

Basic knowledge of PHP/Laravel

Familiarity with Git Version Control / Source Code Management SCM

Windows / Linux / Mac OS X Machine with minimum of 8 GB of RAM

Ability to Install Programs and Manipulate Folders on Your Computer


Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CICD) is a very important part of modern day software release processes. As a matter of fact, you can not survive as a DevOps Eeer without a good understanding of CICD.

In this course, you are going to learn how to set up a fully functional CICD pipeline for PHP/Laravel applications. You will learn how to manually deploy laravel applications to production and later automate the process with CICD using Git, GitLab and Jenkins as the pipeline tools. The concepts can be applied to any programing language or framework.

If you are seeking a job as a Developer or a DevOps Eeer and need some more points in your resume, this course is one of those courses that you should take.

You are going to set up a local DevOps lab environment consisting multiple Virtual Machines similar to what you get from cloud service providers. And that, you can work with and keep for as long as you will without any fear of charges.

Everything we'll do will be hands-on and straight to the points.

Who this course is for:

PHP/Laravel Developers Curious about DevOps Methodologies

Bner DevOps Eeers

Anyone interested in becoming a DevOps Eeer

Anyone who wants to get their hands dirty and go beyond echoing "Hello World"



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