Taming REGEX - A Complete Guide to Regular Expressions
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Taming REGEX - A Complete Guide to Regular Expressions
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Simple Regex examples in Python, PHP, HTML5, Sheets and PowerShell for you to better understand Regular Expressions.

This Regular Expressions (Regex) course is not only designed to teach you regex but also designed to hone your knowledge by giving you real-world examples to work with.

Understanding regex is a powerful tool to have at your disposal and is a crucial skill set for IT professionals and people whose jobs entail data analysis.

Understanding regex is critical in using and utilising the full scope and functionality of some of the world's most popular programming languages such as Python, PowerShell, jаvascript, PHP etc.

You will learn the difference between Positive and Negative, Lookahead and Lookbehinds in Regex

Use Regular Expressions to fix and manipulate US and UK Dates

You will learn about Capturing Groups and Backreferences in Regex

Figure out Greedy, Lazy and Possessive Quantifiers

A PC, Mac, Linux Machine.

An internet connection.

Familiarity with programming concepts.

A willingness to stay the course and follow all the lectures to the end.

No prior knowledge of Regular Expressions is required.

Now updated in July 2020.

Welcome to Taming.Tech's REGEX Course. No previous Regular Expressions experience required!

Regular expressions are also referred to as Regex, Regexes or Regexp (somes called a rational expression)

This course is designed to advance you from bner to proficient. It is laid out logically so that you can incrementally build your regular expressions knowledge. Essential foundations are established first to facilitate in-depth comprehension of this key skill.

The real world and real-life examples explored in this course will deepen your understanding of REGEX and how to apply what you've learnt authentically and appropriately. Expentation with a new skill is vital in exercising and integrating wider application; which is why we'll explore practical examples because it ingrains the information contained here.

Our world is pretty much run by data now and those that know how to intelligently interrogate and manage data have a distinct advantage. Regular expressions unlock the powerful possibilities of any data set.

Data analysis is vital in a variety of industries and circumstances and being able to deploy and utilise this formidable tool will strengthen your skills set, enhance your confidence and give you an edge.

HOW CONFIDENT AM I? Take this course. If you don't learn everything you need to know about Regular Expressions (Regex) in the next 30 days, I'll refund every penny!


Are you battling to learn Regex?

Have you tried many Regular Expression courses on Udemy and YouTube and you are still not getting it?

Are you a programmer that avoids using Regex because you are not confident?

Are you a bner and you have heard about this and are not sure where to start?

As a Data Scientist, you know that this will help you query and clean data, but you don't have a proper foundation to start from.

Have you started programming in Python, PHP, jаvascript, Java etc and you need to have a better understanding of Regular Expressions?

Are you using Google Sheets to clean data up and you would like to make the process faster?

Are you a system administrator using PowerShell and you would like to run scripts that make your job easier?

Do you know REGEX? How about advanced REGEX? Date Matching? Regular Expressions with Leap Years?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions - then you NEED this course!

What questions do we answer?

Is regex case sensitive?

Are regex the same for all languages?

Is regex evil? :-)

How do Regular Expressions work in Python?

What are the special characters in Regex?

Can Regex contain spaces?

How to exclude a string from Regex?

How to escape a backslash in Regexes? And what regex characters need to be escaped.

What are Regexp groups?

When was Regex created?

What are the differences between Greedy, Lazy and Possessive Quantifiers?

And many more.

And the full 30 day no-questions-asked Udemy instant guarantee is your assurance of the quality and potential of this course.

Get started today by clicking "Buy Now" and get full, life access to this unique Regular Expressions (Regex) course with all future updates and all current and future course materials included!

Here are some recent reviews for this Regex course...

5 Star - Regex can be a tricky beast to tame, but this course certainly helps one to get to grips with it. The course goes in to great depth and has plenty of good examples to explore. I was particularly interested in the Python and PowerShell sections, however the entire course is very informative. - Bryan Smith

5 Star - Regex annoyed me. Then I found Paul's course. Well worth the money and invested. The reason it's worth it isn't because of the content, no the content is actually tedious and annoying... it's worth it because of how he positions the content, walks you through it and explains it in an INTUITIVE way. If more people taught the way Paul does, we'd be a smarter planet. Also the jokes are on 'a neighborhood of dads' level. - Eugenio Parages

Let's get started!

Anyone who wants to learn Regular Expressions.

Anyone who is looking for practical real-world examples of how to apply their REGEX knowledge once learnt.

ASPnet, Python, jаvascript, PHP Developers and programmers looking to enhance their skills to enable them to produce better applications.

Anyone who is involved in data analysis.



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