Learn Programming in C++ with the Power of Animation
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Learn Programming in C++ with the Power of Animation
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A Programming Course in C++ language, great for bners, that will teach you C++ coding from scratch using Animation.

You will be able to use C++ as a programming language.

Use the skills that you learn in order to start easily a different programming language.

Develop a Library of Fundamental Programs in C++ with the Purpose of Modifying them and Using them in the Future.

You will be able to understand and solve programming problems in C++ and other programming languages.

The course will be updated.

We are here to help you succeed and answer your questions as soon as possible.

No, you don't even have to C++. You can go to repl_it - C++ and create code there.

C++ is a great language to master! I know that the process of learning programming especially in C++ language can be difficult and frustrating. For this reason, we decided to develop a different learning experience for you. Instead of just programming on a screen in a Cpp compiler:

We use the power of animation in order to analyze the basic ideas.

At the same , we use a digital pen in order to develop the solution of the problem for you in a theoritical base that takes into consideration the C++ programming principles.

And finally, when you come to a good level of understanding of the problem, we start the actual coding in C++ language.

With these 3 layers of teaching process, you will never feel that you can't build a program in C++ as a bner or in any other programming language, because we will be helping you in every step of the way. You will go a step further, by learning not only the command lines in C++ programming language but you will also develop your algorithmic way of thinking, in order to solve a problem efficiently and easily in any programming language including C++ programming.

If you already have previous exposure to a programming language, not only programming in C++ but also python that we already worked with in previous course or java, you already know that the challeg part is not how to write a Cpp command line correctly. It is how to use all the bits and pieces that you have learned in order to solve a problem. How to take an application idea that you have and transform it into a program in C++ that works correctly in every situation. For this reason, we pay the attention that every part of programming really needs. So in the first part of the course we will start by learning the basics about Variables in C++ for bners course and how to solve interesting and challeg programs only with C++ Variables. Then in the next parts you will learn about the If statement, loops, functions and many more features that a programming language like Cpp contains. Our methodology involves solving carefully chosen problems and programming challenges. In many cases, we will create 2 or even 3 different solutions, in order to teach you not only how to solve a problem, but how to craft a solution in C++, and how you can take different paths in order to reach a certain destination.

To follow this course you need to have a compiler to work in. You have two main options:

The first one is to C++ programminglanguage from the internet. This is easy even for a C++ bner, you can find numerous tutorials for that on YouTube, so I really don't want to waste your with information that is not essential.

The second one is to use a special web site where you can program in C++ language without any installation. More specifically, you can find it in google just by writing "replit - C++ language".

Finally, I need to note that this is a C++ bners course because especially in the first sections we teach you how and where to use every programming language technique with a C++ bner driven teaching method. By starting from complete zero and going all the way to intermediate programmer.

So come along to check out how our different approach works for you!

Perfect course for someone who wants to start programming for the first in C++.

It is also ideal for someone who already knows coding but struggles to solve problems or turn ideas into actual code.

Finally, it is a great place to expand your knowledge by learning C++, if you have already mastered other programming languages.



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