Pic Microcontroller and Pcb designing step by step
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Pic Microcontroller and Pcb designing step by step
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What you'll learn
Learn eagle software for designing pcbs
Design your own pcb using iron on glossy paper method
Learn proteus and mikroC
Learn the basics of c programming language
Interface leds, lcds, seven segmants, motors, relays, keypads and ADC modules with Pic Microcontroller
Simulate and make a lot of microcontroller practical projects
Eagle software for desining pcbs
Proteus software for simulation
MikroC for pic programming
Program burner for your pic programmer, i use winpicpgm
Some components that will be introduced in lecture 12

This course is about pcbs and programming microcontroller
This course is submitted for beginners in microcontroller and pcb designing field
By the end of this course you will be able to
Learn how to design a circuit in eagle schematic layout
Turn your circuit into a pcb through the board layout
Master pcb making using iron on glossy paper method
Design a JDM programmer
Design and make a laser sensor project
Learn to simulate an electronic circuit using proteus
Learn to program your pic using microC
Learn the basic concepts of c programming language
Burn your programs on your pic using computer
Design a lot of microcontroller projects (flash light, traffic light, temperature sensor and security system using keypads and lcds)
How to interface leds, lcds, seven segmants, motors, motor drivers, relays, keypads and ADC projects
This course will take 6 hours to complete
It is sperated into two sections
Pcb designing section
Microcontroller section
If you are a starter in electronics, microcontroller and pcb designing filed i would recommend this course for you as a first step
It will take you from scratch to intermediate level.
Who this course is for:
Electronics beginners
Any body who wants to make his own robot



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