Procreate 5: Animation Assist and Brush-Making Tutorial
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Procreate 5: Animation Assist and Brush-Making Tutorial
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Procreate finally launched their latest and dare I say feverishly anticipated update, Procreate 5!

I've been very lucky to be part of Procreate's public beta testing group, so I've had a few weeks to play with it already, and now I'm so excited to share some of the highlights with you. We're not going to cover everything in this tutorial, but I hope you find it a good place to start exploring some of the features. 
You know I like to go step by step, so in this class, we will look at how to set up your own canvas, how to use the animation assist, and - by popular demand - many if not all all the features of the new brush engine. We'll also take a quick look at the cloning function as a wee bonus.  
Your project is to follow along, and share a unique illustration or lettering piece on an unusual canvas size, a GIF or movie or ping-pong animation, all or in part done with your own unique brush.
I don't like to give many restrictions for your project, so you are welcome to copy what I did, or come up with your own interpretation and share your own creation. 
You can share one or two or five separate pieces, or combine everything you've learned into one project, and upload it to the Projects and Resources section. That's where I'll be sharing the examples I'm showing you in the videos, and as another bonus, I'll make a couple of brushes available for you to as well. 
If you're on a mobile device like your iPad and can't see the able files, make sure you're holding your device in landscape or horizontal mode, otherwise they may not show up. On a laptop or desktop, they should appear on the right-hand side underneath the video window.



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