Character Design for Beginners (updated 12/2019)
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Character Design for Beginners (updated 12/2019)
Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: aac, 48000 Hz
Language: English | VTT | Size: 3.47 GB | Duration: 18.5 hours

There needs to be some artistic ability of anyone taking this course.

What you'll learn
Generate ideas for Characters
Quickly create thumbnails
Learn methods to refine designs
Create Turnarounds for presentation
Learn to design Scifi Armor
Learn to design Fantasy Armor
Learn to draw wrinkles and folds in clothing
Have a consistent workflow that will produce results in character design
Basic knowledge of create figures is helpful but not necessary
At some point you will need to have access to some art software.
A drawing tablet is very helpful at some point you need one.
You cannot draw with a mouse.
UPDATES: October 2018 : New section on basic figure drawing and more videos uploaded weekly.
If you have even wanted to create cool characters, evil villains then look no further.
If you have ever stared at a blank page wondering what to draw then this is the course for you.
This is the course for those of you that want to learn concept character design. This is not another "watch me draw" tutorial that does not help you learn the process of character concept design. If you want to make games or comics or manga then you will need to learn how to design characters.
This is the course that you need if you want to learn to create characters for video games and comics and animation. This is not an illustration course although you will be drawing a lot.
If you are ready to learn a process and workflow for designing characters, then you can't afford to pass up this course.
When you are finished with this course you will not only have a solid workflow and new skills , you will have the confidence to get things done.
Rather than trying to sell you, just take a look at what the course has to offer. I'm sure you will see the time and care that was taken to create this course for you.
Who this course is for:
This course is for any artist who wants to learn Character concept design
This course is also for any Graphic designer who wants to learn to create characters
This course is for anyone who is coming back to art after time away and wants to make characters
Any artist who wants to make their own game characters
Anyone with the desire to create their own comic book or graphic novel or manga characters
This is NOT for any artist or person looking for a quick tutorial. This is a concise course.
This is NOT for anyone that does not like to draw. You will be drawing a lot in this course.
This NOT an Anatomy course



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