StereoPhoto Maker 6.08
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StereoPhoto Maker 6.08
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StereoPhoto Maker offers a variate, yet easy to use, panel of functions that enable users to edit images in stereo mode, in order to enhance their looks and features.

This versatile photo editor can also be used by experienced HTML editors for personalizing webpage projects.
Auto alignment for quick processing

The user interface is not made to impress, whereas to make every function virtually two-step accessible for users without them getting distracted by any flashy buttons in the main window.

One of the first great functions that StereoPhoto Maker provides is Auto Alignment. Other tools designed for this purpose simply create 2D correlation between image-point in the two generated images. Meanwhile, StereoPhoto Maker uses SIFT algorithm, in order to be able to extract a multitude of image features from both images.

Create popup anaglyphs

An important set of features when it comes to evaluating StereoPhoto Maker is definitely related to its capacity to generate popup anaglyphs. The options within the Create Popup Anaglyph window are clear and easy to comprehend, allowing users to joggle with the rotation, color and angle values as much as to thoroughly understand the constitution of a stereoscopic 3D image.

Red and cyan filter angles can be adjusted with the aid of several built-in mirror positions and the stereo imaging mode is a great way to always keep track of the applied changes.

Another detail that makes StereoPhoto Maker useful is the ability to manipulate images by projecting them onto a sphere. Users can use a clone brush, which is basically a very simple means of adjusting stereo depth if the applied features were applied incorrectly.

To sum it up

Whether someone aims to playfully create a series of stereo 3D images for personal use, or to generate complex anaglyphs for HTML projects, StereoPhoto Maker keeps if professional offering a variate set of options for the user to pick and choose.

- RED Hydrogen One camera image loading support(Left image+depth,Right image + depth or Left and right images)

- Added the ability to create 2x2 tiles from 4 parallax images for RED Hydrogen One



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