FRSProductMgr 4.0.9
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FRSProductMgr 4.0.9
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FRSProduc was designed for the small business person who wants to manage his or her inventory, track customer sales, and, optionally, manage the company's products on its web site.

However, due to its flexibility, FRSProduc can be used to track almost any manner of data, whether for commercial or private purposes.

The ability to maintain data is something a software application such as a spreadsheet or a database can do.
What FRSProduc excels at is the ability to provide a very flexible display of that data, and to generate web pages from that data. So, if you are used to using one of the popular office suite spreadsheet or database applications, you will marvel at the way you can easily customize FRSProduc.

FRSProduc is very straight-forward to use. Setting up a store only requires a store name, and then you can start adding your product inventory. That's it! After that, you can get more involved by honing what data you want to track for your products, entering customer information if that applies, set up view/print reports, and/or create web reports for generating pages for your web site. However, those are all optional features that are there if you need them, and can be ignored if you don't. Start simple, and you can always expand later as you become more familiar with the application.

How Do I Use FRSProduc?

The very first you start the application, and after reading the Welcome screen, you will see the Store Contact Info window, wherein you can enter your store's information. Enter as much as desired. The name of the store will be shown in the application's title bar, and it will be used as the name of the data file wherein your data will be stored. So, that is required, but anything else can be left blank. You can always go back and make changes using the "Store | Contact Information..." menu command, including changes to your store's name.

When you press the OK button, the main window appears, and you can now start to enter your store's product inventory. The main window, shown in figure 2 below, shows the Products tab, where you will be doing most of your work. Initially, of course, it will be blank.

To add your first product, use the large green "plus" toolbar button. This toolbar button is a short-cut for the "Data | Add Entry" menu command, or you can press the F4 function key of your keyboard. You can use whichever method you prefer.


If a change was made to one of the multi-line edit fields below the grid of the Products tab, and

the focus was changed to another entry because of going to a bookmark, the changed data was

saved to the entry that was being selected, not to the one that was actually modified.

Using "Data | Go To Next Bookmark" or "Go To Previous Bookmark" did not trigger a refresh

of the multi-line edit fields that are below the grid of the Products tab.

Web Reports: thumbnail images somes weren't shown on generated web pages.

The "Upgraded!" (sun icon) toolbar button could appear each the application was started,

even though the application had been run before since that upgrade.


Significantly improved the performance of quickly arrowing around the Products tab's grid

when there are dedicated controls showing below the grid (e.g. thumbnail preview photos).

Merged the various "FRSProduc | History | Version ..." menu commands into one

"FRSProduc | Version History" menu command, and thus all the documents into this one

PDF that you are reading now



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