Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 VL September 2020
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Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 VL September 2020
Size File: 3.2 GB

It is an upgraded version of Windows Server 2008.

Windows Server 2008 R2 - server operating system the company «Microsoft»,Like Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 uses the core Windows NT 6.1.

New features include improved virtualization, a new version of Active Directory,

Internet Information Services 7.5, and support for up to 256 processors.

With integrated updates of September 2020 (IE11 to v11.0.210)

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 and DirectX update is already in all editions.

The boot loader used by win 10, so that the images only for a clean installation.

To speed up the installation of automatic response file involved.

The loader is used in the form of win 10, so that any installation for usb

The assembly is based on the original images MSDN:


the editorial board


Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard En with GUI

Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter En with GUI

All editors have the distribution channel Volume

The list of programs as part of MInstall shell:

Software installation is performed by MInstall shell after installing the OS. (No r)

It is possible to select the software that you need to put and what not.


WinRAR v5.91, 7-ZIP v19.00


Notepad ++ v7.8.9


Microsoft Visual C ++ (Lib) 2005 ... 2019


HashTab v6.0.0.34, CrystalDiskInfo v8.8.6, CPU-Z v1.93


AAct v4.2.0

For the stable activation of a reset r 30sec added, do not fuss.

Stop the installation program after the launch is not necessary, at the end of the installation, the computer program will be restarted.

The composition of the Support folder are automatically copied to your desktop

Activators: by DAZ v2.2.2 (mbr partition type), KMS Tools Portable 08.2020 (KMS Tools is a pack with activators and utilities)

Drayverpak: SDI R2000 c drivers of 08.2020 for LAN / Chipset / MassStorage / USB /

PowerShell v7.0.3

Wufuc - utility allows you to bypass the greed T-shirt and no problem to put updates with the latest percent.

Renewals Support Win 7 *: BypassESU-v9 (MDL)

Changed approach to drivers USB 3.0 | using the normal ability to add drivers to install

Drivers on the USB 3.0 version of OS is not added, but instead involved a standard method to add drivers during OS installation.

Drivers need to put in the way of the path \ sources \ $ OEM $ \ $$ \ Temp \ WinDrivers \ It is in this directory should be placed drivers,

are automatically added to the operating system before the first reboot.

All additional USB drivers Intel and AMD's USB mod driver packed in archives, you must be unpacked before installing is required by your motherboard chipset.

The current location in the form of drivers and versions:

In the directory \ sources \ $ OEM $ \ $$ \ Temp \ WinDrivers \ USB3 \

AMD x64 - AMD USB3 * v1.1.0.0249 & v2.0.0.0048 & v1.0.5.3

\ $ OEM $ \ $$ \ Temp \ WinDrivers \ X64 \ USB3 \ AMD \ ZEN-3000 Serie_149C.exe (not the unzipped mod for new AMD chipset drivers)

-------------------------------------------------- ----

ASMedia x64 - v1.16.61.1

Intel x64 - USB3 * v1.0.10.255_x64.exe - (not unpacked driver for B75 / H77 / Z77 * ... *)

Intel x64 - USB3 * v5.0.4.43_x64.exe - (not unpacked driver for Intel Series Chipsets 8x / 9x / 100/200 / B365 / Z370)

Intel x64 - USB3.1_v17_mod_x64.exe - (v17 not unpacked driver DEV_A36D_9DED_31A8 for B360 / Z390 / H310 / H370 * ... *)

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

\ Sources \ $ OEM $ \ $$ \ Temp \ WinDrivers \ X64 \ IRST \ intel_rst_15.9.6.1044_x64.exe (not unpacked the driver)

\ Sources \ $ OEM $ \ $$ \ Temp \ WinDrivers \ X64 \ IRST \ intel_rst_16.0.0.1055_x64.exe (not unpacked the driver)

If necessary, unpack, as the chipset SATA Intel somes need iaAHCIC.inf

Changes to make the image better through UltraISO program, recorded on a flash drive image can be Rufus hands.)


Do not leave at the same in the form of uncompressed different drivers of Intel chipsets - v1.0.10.255 - v5.0.4.43 - v17., these drivers are not compatible and are copied to the system.

After installation of the system requires installation of a full set of standard drivers for USB 3.x. Intel (in Soft folder on your desktop)

For AMD has its own integrated chipset drayverpak

Integrated drivers:

Intel : v1.1.9.1036

Intel I2C: v1.2.2.1008 & v30.61.1519.07

SATA AMD: v1.2.001.0402

SATA ASMedia: v3.3.3

NVMe SSD: Intel v4.4.0.1003, Samsung v3.3.0.2003, Crucial / Micron v2.1.15.56, Toshiba / OCZ v1.2.126.843

LAN: Intel x64 - CD "25.0", Realtek x64 - v7.134

USB: NEC v2.1.39.0 /, VIA v6.1.7600.5601

Just a part of all editions includes a generic driver NVMe v6.1.7601.23403, check the settings on the SSD controller Phison PS5007-E7.

Kit Snappy Driver Installer c drivers of 08.2020 for LAN / Chipset / MassStorage / USB has been added to the image

A small set of Snappy Driver Installer R2000 c drivers of 08.2020 for LAN / Chipset / MassStorage / USB has been added to the image -

\ Sources \ $ OEM $ \ $ 1 \ Users \ Public \ Desktop \ Soft \ Drivers \ drayverpak \ SDI_2000 ~ 500MB

At start SDI_x64_R2000.exe shell may set the dates of the drivers, and with an Internet presence of selected tighten driver packages

or to update the drivers you.

Stage of development: Release

Year / Release Date: 2020

Versiya_build: 6.1.7601.24560

Developer website: microsoft.com

Bit depth: 64bit

Language: Russian

Language: English

Medicine: Present

System requirements:

2 GHz 64-bit processor





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