FEA LUSAS Academic 19.0-2c1
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FEA LUSAS Academic 19.0-2c1
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LUSAS is the trading name of Finite Element Analysis Ltd.

, - an expanding UK-based specialist eeering analysis software developer. Software products, based on the LUSAS finite element system, provide accurate solutions for all types of linear and nonlinear stress, dynamic, and thermal / field analysis problems.

LUSAS Bridge - for bridge eeering analysis, design, and assessment.

LUSAS Civil & Structural - for civil, structural, nuclear, seismic, geotechnical and offshore eeering.

LUSAS Analyst - for automotive, aerospace, defence, manufacturing and general eeering analysis.

LUSAS Composite - for eeers designing composite products or components.

Software products can be configured with various levels and software options to extend the finite element capabilities of these products to meet your needs, all of which are fully integrated and easily upgradeable.

LUSAS Acad is for use only by educational establishments for teaching purposes and research. By using the software protection device and licence key supplied, the full licenced version allows access to any LUSAS commercial product, and access to most LUSAS analysis software options, with no restriction on model size:

LUSAS Acad - for use in educational establishments for teaching and research use is a fully functional version with no limit on problem size.

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.



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