Stellar Repair for SQLite
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Stellar Repair for SQLite
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Stellar Repair for SQLite is a powerful tool for repairing corrupt SQLite database, highly recommended by SQLite administrators & tech communities worldwide.

The tool repairs the database files with 100% integrity & precision.

SQLite database may get corrupt due to reasons such as virus attack, abrupt system shutdown and media read error. Stellar Repair for SQLite helps in repairing corrupt or damaged SQLITE databases. It scans the database file and recovers all objects from the corrupt database. The powerful SQLite repair tool can also repair severely corrupted database files.

The SQLite database repair software provides an option to include the deleted records for recovery while repairing SQLite database file. Once you select the option, the software recovers even those deleted records that were previously corrupted. After recovering the deleted records, the software organizes them in the repaired file.

This SQLite database recovery software can recover different components of the database, which include tables, views, triggers and indexes. It also recovers primary keys and unique keys of tables. Using the software, it is possible to repair and recover predefined defaults and default values of the database.

All the files repaired by the software can be previewed before being saved. Every database component that has been repaired and is in a healthy condition is displayed on the three-pane preview window. This helps in selecting and saving only specific database items that are needed, which saves storage space and . There is also a Find option that helps in finding database components based on specific keywords.

With the three pane view of SQLite database recovery software, it's extremely easy to view different database components and the data saved in each one of them. The left side pane of the screen has database objects that are listed in a tree like structure, the right side pane displays all the records and data stored inside selected database object while the bottom pane shows log reports of the entire repair process.

SQLite recovery tool generates log report of the entire repair processes. These could be very useful if you are looking to analyze the data and the repair process done in the database. This report can be directly viewed in the bottom pane of the software. You can also save the entire log report for future use. There is also an option to clear the log, if it's needed for a new repair process.

Find Database Components[/b]

This SQLite database repair software has a 'Find Option' which makes it extremely easy to find database components among the repaired items. The Find option is present right on the preview window. There is also a 'Match case' option provided along with the Find option to lower down the search even more.

After the recovery process is done, Stellar Repair for SQLite lists all the database items that have been repaired and are ready to be saved. Users can select and save the data in either .db or .sqlite format. The software also gives an option to recreate a new database which would only have the repaired files in it.

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.



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