Universal Virus Sniffer 4.11
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Universal Virus Sniffer 4.11
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Universal Virus Sniffer is a powerful but simple-to-use tool for searching and removing malware components and viruses.

This program is for advanced users only.

The three basic modes: work with active, inactive, remote systems.

Working with the registry in three modes: remove links to viruses, troubleshooting after treatment of antivirus.

Creating images autorun. (Eg for remote assistant).

The fourth mode of operation: cimulyatsiya work in the virtual system, based on its image.

Unique set of filters and a built-in analyzer for the rapid detection of unknown piece of code claimed.

Maintain user database of viruses, automatic extraction of signatures of executable files (including protected)

Automatic detection of active virus file and withdraw their signatures.

Detection and easy removal of any file rootkits [file checking + check digit. signatures on a clean system]

Ability to use the catalog external digital signatures (CatRoot) inactive system (including in the WinPE 2.x-3.x)

The discovery of hidden DLL in the address space of the process.

Immune (to the Neck. Types of block.) StartUp module cleaning system before starting uVS. ( StartF )

Detection of latent infection MBR, Boot sector and ers Windows. [File checking]

Convenient restoration of damaged / missing files from distribution Windows.

Backup the registry with its defragmentation and recovery.

Identify executable file streams.

Virtualization registry.

official site does not provide any info about changes in this version



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