Wipe Pro 18.00 Multilingual
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Wipe Pro 18.00 Multilingual
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This powerful program can remove a lot of gigabytes of garbage on your computer and recover many free disk space. In addition, it will protect your privacy on the Internet - it removes records about personal activity on PC.

You will be able to delete browser history and cache, index.dat files, registry, internet cookies files, autocomplete-history, temporary internet files and many many other items. This program also erases any other tracks of personal activity which you made when used your PC, and no matter in which program: Windows, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Opera or any other.

To prevent recovery of deleted data the program uses the following security methods: DoD 5220.22-M method, Gutmann method ( full 35 steps ), Russian GOST and other. You can also customize cleaning process and choose which items to remove and which is not. Or you can view detailed information about areas where garbage located on your computer.

Whats New
This is big update of our program which includes support for all major browsers. Within next month or two you can be sure that our program will be able to delete electronic garbage in the most recent versions of these browsers, even if a newer version will be released.
• Added support for browser FireFox 63 (future version).
• Added support for browser Chrome 70 (future version).
• Added support for browser Opera 56 (future version).
• Added support for browser IceDragon 62 (future version).
• Added support for browser SlimJet 21 (future version).
• Added support for browser SlimJet 20 (current version).
• Added support for browser PaleMoon 28 (current version).


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