OpenCloner Ripper 2020 v3.40.109
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OpenCloner Ripper 2020 v3.40.109
Windows (x64) | File size: 58.8 MB

OpenCloner Ripper 2020 is a full-featured ripping and conversion software.

It can rip DVD/Blu-ray/UHD movies to standard video format, while removing various copy protections. Meanwhile, it supports rich built-in configuration presets optimized for your device. This versatile application can also transcode video files of any encoding into MP4/MKV files, and rip ed iTunes movies into MP4 format, removing DRM. A variety of filters such as denoise, deinterlace, working together with video encoding, will produce excellent images for you even at a low bit rate.

Rips DVD/Blu-ray/UHD discs to MP4 or MKV video files.

Supports protected DVD/Blu-ray/UHD movies.

Supports reading DVD/Blu-ray movie folders on the hard disk.

Freely choose titles, audio tracks and subtitles to keep. Or only keep the track of a certain language according to your preferences.

With 2-pass encoding and denoise filter, you'll get excellent images even at a low bitrate.

Smart Analyzer - Skip bad sectors on a DVD.

Converts video files of any encoding to MP4/MKV files.

Rips ed iTunes video files (*.m4v) to MP4 files (remove DRM protection).

Select your preferred audio tracks and subtitles to keep, removing other unnecessary ones.

Works as a third party BD decryption plug-in, which allows VLC to play encrypted Blu-ray and UHD movies.

Choose a profile optimized for your device, or choose a universal profile for standard or high quality conversions. Simple, easy, fast.

Customize your own default profile presets manually.

File Containers: MP4, MKV

Video Encoders: H.264, H.265, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VP8, VP9

Audio Encoders: AAC, AC3, MP3, EAC3

Audio Pass-through: AAC, AC3, EAC3, TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD, MP3

Title/chapter and range selection.

Trim unnecessary parts from the video, only keeping the clips you like.

Remove black borders from video.

Embed watermark in video.

Video filters: Deinterlacing, Denoise, Detelecine, Deblock, Sharpen, Rotate.

GPU acceleration - greatly improved the transcoding speed.

Constant quality or average bitrate video encoding.

Batch scan and queuing of encodes.

Send us quick feedback in real via the built-in window.

official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.



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