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SamDrivers 19.7 - Collection of drivers for Windows
SamDrivers 19.7 - Collection of drivers for Windows | 18.4GB

Collection of drivers from SamLab for all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems, from Windows 2000 to Windows 10 RS5, including server platforms. As a shell-installer, specialized utilities were used to automatically detect your equipment and automatically install the necessary drivers : DriverPack Solution 16.19 Plus / Drivers Installer Assistant 02/08/20 / Snappy Driver Installer 1.19.4 / DriverPack 10/17/14 / shell for backup drivers Drivers Backup Solution 3.90.21
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Serif Affinity Photo RePack (& ​​portable) by TryRooM
Serif Affinity Photo RePack (& ​​portable) by TryRooM | 177MB

Affinity Photo - provides higher speed, stability and overall performance and expands the boundaries of professional photo editing. Whether you are editing, retouching, or creating full-blown multi-layer compositions, this application with an extensive set of tools specifically designed for creative professionals and photography experts has all the power and productivity needed to achieve any of your goals.
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Large Software My Privacy Cleaner Pro 3.1
File size: 6.38 MB

Do you know what secrets your computer could reveal about you? Anybody with access to your computer and a little know how can quickly find a list of all the web sites you recently visited, any photos or music that you may have downloaded, they could read though your chat conversations and even easily recover deleted files. If you don't want your private information to become public knowledge you need My Privacy Cleaner Pro.

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Windows 10 Full-Lite Release by StartSoft USB 18-2019 (x64/RUS)

Сборка предназначена для установки на компьютеры операционной системы Windows 10 с разрядностью x64-bit. В ее состав входит образ ISO на базе которого можно создать загрузочную флешку размером от 16 Гигабайт и выше. В сборке имеется возможность выбора редакций для установки на компьютеры Windows со всеми метроприложениями, либо без них.
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Default Folder X 5.4b3 macOS
Default Folder X 5.4b3 | macOS | 11 mb

Default Folder X attaches a toolbar to the right side of the Open and Save dialogs in any OS X-native application. The toolbar gives you fast access to various folders and commands. You just click on the buttons to go to your favorite and recently used folders, manage the folders and files shown in the list, and make changes to your settings.

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Topaz Gigapixel AI 4.3.1 (x64) Portable
Topaz Gigapixel AI 4.3.1 (x64) Portable | 930 Mb

Beautiful photo enlargements using machine learning. Enlarging your image without losing detail has always been impossible. until now. Upscale your photos by up to 600% while perfectly preserving image quality.

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CrystalDiskInfo 8.2.4 Final + Portable

CrystalDiskInfo - это небольшая утилита для мониторинга состояния жестких дисков, отслеживает состояние жестких дисков, поддерживающих технологию S.M.A.R.T. Производит мониторинг и дает общую оценку "здоровья" вашего диска. Так же отображает детальную информацию о жестких дисках, установленных в компьютере (прошивка, серийный номер, стандарт, интерфейс, общее время работы и др.). Также выводит параметры атрибутов системы самодиагностики S.M.A.R.T. (ошибки чтения, производительность, запуски/остановки шпинделя, время поиска дорожки, количество циклов включения-выключения, ошибки секторов и многое другое).
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FinePrint 10.02 RePack by KpoJIuK
FinePrint 10.02 RePack by KpoJIuK | 4.55MB

FinePrint is a multifunctional printer driver that significantly extends the capabilities of any printer when printing documents: preview, print multiple pages on one sheet, print brochures, auto insert header and footer, create letterheads, substrates, frames and much more. FinePrint works with all printer models, being, in fact, a multifunctional universal printer driver with a convenient graphical shell for managing it.
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Icecream Screen Recorder PRO 5.992 RePack (& ​​Portable) by TryRooM
Icecream Screen Recorder PRO 5.992 RePack (& ​​Portable) by TryRooM | 45.7MB

Icecream Screen Recorder is a program that allows you to record video from the screen of your computer, as well as take screenshots of the entire window and the selected area. The application has a complete set of necessary tools for professional video capture from the screen with sound, while being very clear and easy to use. Recording games, Skype, webinars and much more from the screen has become even easier.
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pdfFactory Pro 7.02 RePack by KpoJIuK
pdfFactory Pro 7.02 RePack by KpoJIuK | 4.16MB

pdfFactory Pro is a convenient application, which is a virtual printer driver that creates documents in PDF format. Supports the creation of PDF-projects from several documents or files, has a preview mode. It is possible to set a ban on editing a document, encrypt it and set a password for opening. In the professional version, unlike the standard version, it is possible to add page numbers, headers and footers, watermarks, create bookmarks and a number of other additions. The third version adds the function of saving to FP format, the ability to customize the user interface, and setting graphics for color and monochrome files in scanned documents.
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